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 Patrick Rettig, Singer / Songwriter

Patrick Rettig is a true 21st century renaissance man. Being a soulful singer, a mesmerizing storyteller and an accomplished musician is only one part of this complex man. He writes screenplays, scores films, flies two airplanes (not at the same time), races motocross bikes and cruises on his Harley (if ten year old Lanie, needs to hang out with dad) or, on a cloudy work day airplanes are grounded and the Ducati 1198 sp Road Racer is the fare of the freeway.

As a high desert dweller and a corporate guide he represents the cowboy bandit who uses his powers for good. Many, many companies find themselves in financial trouble. If lucky enough to discover this Piano Player he will take them on a rough ride back to the yellow brick road and financial peace of mind. He is under the radar, no business card, no resume, and any given smokey bar room may find his piano story telling about the adventures of heros.

Patrick successfully balances his corporate work with his other true love, music. He has written and recorded several albums including The Jesus Band Los Angeles (JBLA) project, which funded a friend’s missionary church.

There are heroes all around us, disguised as Plumbers, Electricians, Dads, Moms, Janitors, Teachers, Waitresses, seemingly normal… the list goes on and on, living day by day, undiscovered, under the radar, not at all what they seem, quietly training and structured in the art of miracles — just waiting for the calling, the need to step up and be incredible. Are you one of them, are you waiting? The calling perhaps only a moment away…, never give up, never quit…, for all of you… train hard, be safe…, you are hope… Royalty In Exile.

Patrick writes about what he’s seen and heard over the piano. A keen observer and intent listener, he is like a songwriting super sleuth searching for clues about the mysteries of love and life.

In Patrick’s voice you’ll hear the honesty of Bruce Springsteen, the smooth soul of Van Morrison and Southern edge of Doug Gray.

Deep grooves and classic arrangements form the foundation of Patrick’s songs. Laced with intricate layers of keys, piano and B3 organ, this music will move you in one way or another…

• Favorite Book: 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

• Favorite Movie: Blade Runner by Ridley Scott

• Favorite Driving Music: Country rock

• Musical Influences: Van Morrison, Greg Allman, Roy Orbison, Elvis, Elton John

• Favorite Currents Artists: Michael Buble, John Mayer, Pink and Amy Winehouse


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